About me

My name is Ben Beckers and I’m a professional software developer who is always eager to learn new things.

My road to becoming a developer started in 2008 when I went to Syntra and take a one-year course to become a .NET Programmer.
Albeit having successfully finished the course I was unable to get a job in the sector so I became a security guard for G4S at Nike where I would beside doing security work also create and expand a software packet for our team to help with the day to day job.

I still desired to be a full-time developer, so I signed up for 3 years of evening classes in the PXL and finishing them in succes.
With my diploma in hand I started a business called ‘BBControls’ as secondary occupation, which was fun but not profitable.

After 8 years and a change of management, things went for the worse. I had seen enough of the so called ‘world of security’ and was more than ready for a career turn!
I became a developer at CSI tools in Herent where we use .NET Core as a backend and Angular as a frontend.
After 3 years I had more joy in programming business logic than aligning buttons and preventing scrollbars as started as a Software engineer at Selligent at the Corda Campus in Hasselt.

I live in a quite village near Sint-Truiden.

In my spare time I practice sports, fitness, walking, running and swimming.
A few times per year my friend and I go on a hike.
To learn and stay up with the newest technologies I use Pluralsight & PackPub.
I also update this blog from time to time when I conquer some issues or find something cool to write about.

I’m an animal lover and when the time is right, and at the moment I have one cat named Koda.