Visual Studio Code

I recently switched to Visual Studio Code as there has been a lot of fuzz about and I must say it’s a great editor for creating websites (with Angular/React/Vue/…)

It really boost productivity with a broad Marketplace, here are some of the tools I find useful when programming front-end:

  • C# – Well, you can’t write C# without this one
  • TSLint – Adds convention checking
  • Debugger for Chrome – Obvious is obvious
  • Angular 8 Snippets – Speed up code with snippets ranging from Material Design to RxJs to tests
  • CSharp2TS – No more monkey work, convert your C# class to a Typescript class in no time
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer – Seeking that one missing bracket? No more!
  • Prettier – Formatting javascript/typscript and css

Let me know if you know some others!